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Friday, 2 August 2013

Q&A with Juliet Fang (a six-pack of questions)

>>How would you describe yourself and your personality?
I guess I am trying to be different person everyday; and I make mistakes four times a day (sometimes more).

>>How do you see the outside world?
I like to watch people walking on the street and imaging where they go or what they think, which is more beautiful way to keep distance with people like that.

>>How would you describe the world inside your artwork?
I am interested in the experience with no real existence in the world, only happening in the brain as a beautiful escape.  For example river and double room; river is a metaphor of the inside, outside and illusion of river, which have special power to cure people completely and point out the direction of exit. I feel myself more like water, down to the ground and disappear to unknown world.

Sometimes I feel myself as double room as well, which means inside and outside, clear and blur. Double room is a metaphor for people who have two thoughts at the same time, or two people share a one thought. I am so interested in the ambiguous of word and image, especially two meaning in one word. People could be a container, space or emotion. I am fond of these key words and so many ways to explain these ideas, which leaving much possible imagination in my mind with uncertain answers.

>>How does your artwork respond to “exploring the feeling of loss”?
Through the language of object itself, I do reconstruction and arrangement its relationship between object and space, every piece of works have its own language to express the feeling of loss and fragile.

>>Did you aspire to fit into an artistic discipline?
I don’t know exactly what I want to be; maybe collector is more suitable for my situation right now.

I think we do something we like to do; even though sometimes it causes us so much suffering that we will never do that again. But we always do, many times over.

>>How do you choose your materials?
I pick up line, glass, paper, cloth, water, knife, wooden sticks, bottle…. to be the objects I use for this exhibition, which relate to my imagination about the feeling of loss because they all have strong language and I know how to use it.

Juliet Fang's exhibition Move Me opens Monday @7-10pm Tapir 
(Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain)