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Monday, 5 August 2013

Juliet Fang : 'Move Me'

Juliet Fang responds to the experience of loss. Objective existence is turned inside out. Rejecting the physical world to project a landscape of the mind. An installation of objects playing with the negative space. These spacial voids offer moments of escape. The variety of materials utilised describe the inconsistency and brittleness of our emotions.

Working intuitively, Fang explores the tensions between objects and their placements. Her hyper awareness in spatial relationships create nervous and charged effects. The conceptual encounter and exploration of loss as subject, surfaced naturally. An aesthetic twinged with a shadow. 'Move Me' pushes the gallery's interior into the mind's vacuum.

"I am interested in the experience with no real existence in the world," -Juliet Fang.

Juliet Fang, born in Taiwan, lives in London, exhibiting in Berlin at Kunstraum Tapir: Move Me.