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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Q&A with Francesca Ulivi

Five fingered questions with Francesca Ulivi:

Francesca Ulivi plays with the idea of identity and what we buy into. Consumerism, the meaning of life and Ulivi's addictive sense of humour.

>>Who are you? (describe your character)
Very much like a fruit fly, occasionally banging repeatedly on glass window.

>>Can you see yourself in your work?
Definitely, more in its tone than in its aesthetic.

>>How do you approach your studio?
I don’t really have habits since my practice varies a lot in media. Something that I do often with my work is to throw myself in things I am not comfortable in doing, as some sort of self-inflicted personal challenge.

>>Do you think consumerism is weird?
It’s definitely an entertaining, very interesting machine. Gives people new thrills, desires; it tells and shows how we should feel.

>>How would you describe the relationship between middle-class consumerism and high-society consumerism?
A lot of products are now becoming available for middleclass consumers and therefore can’t function anymore as symbols of elite status. Companies are “smart,” I mean why to appeal to a few, when you can make a lot of money appealing and being affordable by many? So I guess shopping has become more “fun” for middle class consumers, because they can finally buy and show off high brands, buying a Dolce and Gabbana perfume or a Louis Vuitton wallet for example.

On this line of thought, you could say that consumerism has become “harder” for high society consumers because now they need more creativity to stand out from general people. A whole bunch of ridiculous packaged experiences and products come out to appeal to them, which has been good material for my work.

It’s just all wrong.