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An artist residency. Bunch of complete strangers living together in Berlin making art.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Q&A with Ashvini Ray

Four fingered questions with Ashvini Ray:

>> How would you describe your process?
It’s a very precise process where I start with an idea and step by step carry it out. The process is precise, considered, exact, even obsessive. I think the viewer can get a glimpse of this in my work. You could say the finished work is a physical study of my process. My work embodies the process without illustrating it. You could think of my practice as the context and my artwork as the content within it.

>> What draws you to materials?
I’m instinctively drawn to certain materials. It is hard to pin point what it is that I look for when considering materials. I’m a very tactile person so texture is something I’m definitely attracted too. I tend to use neutral colours, in order to move the focus to the form and tension. I use materials that I can manipulate into the aesthetic I want.

>> Is your work heavy and falling or light and jumping up?
Both. I like playing with that idea of something being really heavy but at the same time appearing completely weightless.

>> How does your self and your work relate?
I feel like my work and I have similar personalities. There is this calm exterior but on closer observation its mayhem. I would describe it as ordered disorder. Although there is a scattered and somewhat chaotic nature to my work, each piece is carefully thought out and organised.

(note: sneak peek photo of work in progress)