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An artist residency. Bunch of complete strangers living together in Berlin making art.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

behind the sun- The Night Book

"Everyone has their own idea of the night"

Thinking about the 'night' is like staring at yourself in the mirror. Are you really there? Is that really you? In a sense there is no division between night and day. Just planets rolling around space. Its always night somewhere and always day somewhere else.

But printmakers are practical people. Thinking about the press won't make that impression. Unless you're adverse in Jedi mind control and telekinesis. Drawing on their varied experiences of the night, The Night Book is a mammoth concertina of 110 different perceptions of the night.

"One sleeps in the night, you suffer, you sneezed, you love, you think you're snoring, you are dreaming…"