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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Q&A with Dickson Schneider: free art project

“I think about being a human being a lot more than I think about being an artist.” – Dickson Schneider

Four Finger Questions

1. Free art – is this a fuck you to capitalism? Political vs charity?

Free Art is naturally political.  It is about how we value things in our society.  Valuing Art is confusing. Valuing Status is clear.  I want to make work with no status so that people have to reconsider how they value things.
Capitalism is problematic.  It leads to art being owned and controlled by wealthy people. artists become subservient to wealth and art becomes cynical.
My project is the opposite of charity.  It is offered without any conditions - it is the most respectful thing I can do. People are doing me a charity when they take one of my pieces.

2. Breakdown the show.

There are five very different Free Art shows next week - all driven by different inclinations and choices. I let the work tell me what it means.
Monday: Berlin Re-Mix.
Tuesday: All The Living And The Dead.
Wednesday: Placeholders.
Thursday: Dumb Show.
Friday: Everything Must Go.

3. Exhibition content vs audience interaction with the art?

Both are equal. Art is a social activity driven by a cultural and aesthetic traditions, but I can not give away something unless I personally value it and that the work itself reflects my own understanding and experience from 35 years of art making.

4. They say nothing in this world is free. Is this art really free?

This assumes that things can only be measured by money. Well, that’s clearly sideways, we only use money for certain parts of our lives. Working happily is very free. Nobody started off being artists to make money we wanted to be poets.

Opening: This Friday @ 7pm, Tapir (Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Friedrichshain Berlin)