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An artist residency. Bunch of complete strangers living together in Berlin making art.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

haus: two sides of a door

There are subtle dynamics working and living in a residency. Closing your studio door is a loud "Don't talk to me" statement. I feel uncomfortable shutting people out. But, I also like that eery stillness when all the doors are closed or no one's awake yet. The simple architecture of a closed/open door or window has a such an effect on the character/mood of a moment. I wonder if you could actively control this. Say, if a flatmate is brooding alone in their room - go in and open all the doors and windows, see if their mood lightens up. I'd imagine this would rather piss them off. We don't always need to be happy. Its comforting to think that architecture an keep you safe from the happy-deluded people.