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An artist residency. Bunch of complete strangers living together in Berlin making art.

Monday, 22 July 2013

art: Berlin Remix - Dickson Schneider

Some cities are best described by their culture, weather, traffic or maybe their unfortunate smell. Berlin I find is best described by its texture. Dickson Schneider's scratchy collages of torn street posters really grip the paper with it's texture. There is a gritty, whatever-coolness about Berlin. A simple straightforwardness to life's daily grind. This is the character I read from Berlin Remix. These works are not self conscious or pretentious. Just drawings. Impressions of Berlin.

But I'm likely to be bias. Living with Dickson in the Takt residency, I know he's not an artsy-fartsy egotist. He's a straight up character with a Californian accent and a dry-witty humour.