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An artist residency. Bunch of complete strangers living together in Berlin making art.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

art: dumb and smarter

Dumb jokes are great. They make you groan and smile at the same time. A perfect balance in life.

Sometimes contemporary artists take themselves too seriously. It's nice to laugh at their work. Not to make them feel uncomfortable, but to make yourself feel happy. The minimal asymmetric over-designed aesthetic can be depressing and generally superficial. But if a piece of string and a bouncy ball can make you laugh, then that's a beautiful thing. It's the simple stuff.

Dickson Schneider's The Dumb Show wants you to laugh. Don't let the superficial hipster-artist annoy you with their posing. Let them make you smile at their curious seriousness of stuff that's kind of dumb.

<I'm yellow>   <I'm pink>   >I'm a door<

re: Dickson Schneider's thurday exhibition @ tapir